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Training Courses


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Food Safety For Catering

Food safety is important for the following reasons. Every day people get ill from the food they eat. Bacteria, viruses and parasites found in food can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning can lead to gastroenteritis and dehydration or potentially even more serious health problems such as kidney failure. Jobchange offer this course free of charge, it can be completed on a PC or a Smart Phone. Food Safety will give you the skills to gain employment within the Care Industry, Catering, Nursery Nurse and Food Manufacturing.

Emergency First Aid E-Learning

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is a total of 6 modules written specifically to cover the knowledge element of the level 3 award. 

Understanding the role and responsibilities of a first-aider

Assessing an incident

Managing an unresponsive casualty

Recognising and assisting a choking casualty

Managing a casualty – external bleeding and shock

Managing a casualty – minor injury

Principles of COSHH 

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. This course gives learners the skills to identify many chemical hazards, the Cleaning Industry and Care Industry like employees to obtain this award to prove their awareness to hazards when using chemicals. On completion of the COSHH course individuals should be able to relate to all the following bullet points:

Identify a range of substances commonly found in a range of workplaces and the ways in which they can be hazardous to health.

Describe the range and purpose of legal requirements relating to COSHH, demonstrating that they understand the various and varying responsibilities of employer, manager and employee.

Show awareness of the types of injury and ill health that can be caused by hazardous substance, and an understanding of the difference between acute and chronic injuries and conditions.

Identify the different ways that hazardous substances can be identified and understand the importance of good record keeping and signposting.

Be able to identify the risks associated with hazardous substances and act accordingly. The value and purpose of conducting formal and informal COSHH assessments and implementing appropriate control measures.

Principles of Fire Safety

There are a total of four training modules included in this course that cover the key syllabus of Level 2 fire safety qualifications. Each module has a total of five multiple- choice questions at the end to test learner knowledge. These modules include:

Introduction to Fire Safety

The characteristics of fire

Fire Safety legislation

Assessing and managing risk

Health and Safety within the Workplace

The nine easy-to-manage training modules included in this course cover the key syllabus of Level 2 Health and Safety qualifications. These modules include:

Accidents including, slips, trips & falls

Legal responsibilities

Risk assessment

Workplace health, safety & welfare

Work equipment


First aid

Manual handling

Hazardous substances (COSHH)

Customer Service

This Customer Service Training Course is suitable for anyone who would like to work in a customer service role or improve on their skills, at all levels of employment. This includes all employees who deal directly with customers face-to-face, over the telephone or by e-mail. Examples of professions who may find this course useful include, but are not limited to:

Receptionists and front-of-house staff

Call centre workers

Online support staff

Front-line sales and customer service staff

Trade and self-employed workers (builders, plumbers, cleaners etc)

Award in Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance often found in older buildings where it was used for insulation and fireproofing. Being that it can cause serious health problems, such as mesothelioma, the use of asbestos was banned in 1999 but is still present in many older buildings.

Under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, if you are working in an environment where you are likely to disturb asbestos materials then you must be aware of, and fully trained in, the dangers and correct safety practices.

Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

Construction Health and Safety Online Training Courses designed for individuals, at any level, who work within the construction industry. If you are a plumber, bricklayer, electrician, plasterer, site manager or painter, then this course will benefit you. Click the careers tab for more information on the construction industry and how achieving this qualification will help you gain a 5 year mandatory CSCS Card.

Safe Moving and Handling in the Workplace

As a carer or care worker, whether you are looking after a family member or working in a care home, manual handling is a huge part of your daily work, especially the moving of other people.
Some such tasks would include pushing wheelchairs, helping people get into and out of bed, carrying shopping, assisting individuals up and down stairs and taking items down from high shelves.
It is a high-risk job and requires a thorough understanding of the dangers and how to prevent them from causing an accident.
This moving and manual handling training course aims to provide users with the information needed to carry out manual handling tasks with great care and safety to reduce the risk of injury to themselves or others.

Functional Skills – Entry Levels to Level 2
 Maths, English and ICT 

Courses for Functional skills are continuing remotely from home using FREE pre-paid postage and remote Tutor support on all entry levels.  Levels 1 and 2 are on-line. For more information click the  Careers tab

In-House Courses

Construction Course

CSCS (Touchscreen Test) Course
The course covers five core knowledge areas:
Legal & Management.
Heath & Welfare
General Safety
High Risk Activities
The Environment

Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment
The principles of risk assessments
Safe manual handling in the workplace
Working safely at height in the workplace
Health risks within a construction environment
Working around plant and equipment safely

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Care and Catering

Level 2 Food Safety
. How to take responsibility for food safety
. Maintaining personal hygiene within the workplace
. Keeping food safe

12 Day Care Course
Free program focuses on sector specific training preparing you for the Care Industry.

. Safeguarding . Duty of Care
. Equality . Manual Handling and Food safety
. Diversity & Inclusion . Health & Safety in the Workplace
. Emergency First Aid

Level 2 Food Safety
. How to take responsibility for food safety
. Maintaining personal hygiene within the workplace
. Keeping food safe

Emergency First Aid at Work
This course covers CPR and first aid skills enabling you to provide a safe working environment and is always a stand out skill to have on your CV.

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