20 Sep

This week we followed the group and asked what they had learnt so far we also asked how they found it getting to work on time, this is a skill that we all forget about, especially when it is new to you and you are not used to the traffic that can slow you down.

 This week I met my buddy Terell and have been shadowing him and learning about what he does at Jobchange. We've also been working together to improve my interview skills which is been really useful. I get to jobchange by car and usually leave early enough to ensure even if there is traffic en route I am not late, this alone is a skill to achieve in the traffic. Today the kickstart group have come together with Georgina and we've spent the day doing personal developments and communication tasks. Anika 

 I use public transport to get to Jobchange on time and a lot of alarms to wake me up in the morning. Today we have been doing group development activities with Georgina This week I've learned about server group policies and their configuration in the workplace. Elliot

 In the morning I make sure I arrive at work 30 mins before the start. Most times if working at Wolverhampton site I walk which takes about 45 minutes, if i have to go to Dudley then I catch the bus. Today I learnt how to work and coordinate as a group in a group discussion activity. In the afternoon we did our self personal development plan, We set our targets and how to achieve either long term or short term goals. This week I have learnt to make a spreadsheet for the whole month of August to see how many people attended class, stayed to the end and how many passed and failed their exam, I had to learn how to give a percentage answer. Amandeep

 I get to Jobchange by bus in the morning, I try and ensure I'm on time by leaving the house early but the buses are kind of running late nowadays so it's very hard to turn up on time. We have completed worksheets with Georgina today on personal development. This week I have learnt how to book customers in for their appointments, and have also answered telephone calls on reception. Sarah

 Currently, I'm being dropped off at Jobchange so we just leave erarly to ensure I am on time. "today" the group whole group was doing PDC (personal development), but today I'm testing computers with Mark my buddy to make sure they work correctly and comply with the Cyber Essentials Plus. I've learned how to remote access and how to setup a computer from a system image backup. Thomas

I have been travelling to Jobchange Dudley via bus I have been leaving early as I need to get 2 buses and with school back open I know I have to leave giving me time to arrive in Dudley for 8.30am which I have been on time all week What are you doing today? I am on Dudley reception taking calls from customers and job centres and making appointments, I am also texting out Monday’s appointment and courses I will also be calling them as well What new things have you learnt this week? I have had training from Claire O’Callaghan Dudley Manager, she has been training me on reception in Dudley 

  • Speaking to customers on the phone making sure I smile when I answer it
  • Texting diary appointments out
  • Texting courses out classroom and zoom adding the zoom link
  • Calling customers to make sure they attend their appointments
  • Learning when all courses take place what times they start and finish
  • Even though I am in Dudley I have had the 0800 number so I have been making appointment for Walsall and Wolverhampton
  • Checking CRM to see if the customer can have an appointment as you need to check the name and surname, DOB and postcode
  • Learning the addresses of Jobchange Dudley, Telford, Walsall and Wolverhampton
  • Went over all courses Jobhcnage offer from classroom based to E-Learning
  • How I identified a first or a second customer on CRM
  • Checking on the drive for customers on courses
  • Learning what time exams are the courses
  • How to complete and send timesheets to HR and Claire
  • How to send emails to customer and staff members at Jobchange
  • Emailing the correct staff when had a call from customer, Jenny for CITB, Gary for Training, Claire exams, James for certificates. Latoyah
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