As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we thought we would share with you stories from apprentice’s and show how much of an impact they have had on our organisation.

One our favourite stories to share is from our Senior Venues Manager, Sam, who began working at Jobchange as an apprentice, and is now in charge of all operations at each of our venues.

Apprentice Diaries- Apprentice to Manager

Hi Sam, Thank you for sitting down with me today. First of all, can you explain the apprenticeship you did when you first started at Jobchange?

Originally, I came to Jobchange for work experience. After 3 months, I was taken on full time as an apprentice, studying towards a Level 2 in Business Administration. Once I completed that qualification, because it benefitted my development so much, I then went on to study a Level 2 in Customer Service.

Sounds Brilliant! Can you tell us about your Job progression at Jobchange?
I have been with the company now for 7 years. After completing my apprenticeship, I became a full time adviser, supporting Job seekers with careers advice and guidance. Last year, we opened an office in Walsall, and I was selected to be the Office Manager. This was a great achievement and I owe it all to the experience and knowledge I gained whilst being an apprentice.

Due to the success of the Walsall office opening, I have been promoted to Senior Venues Manager and I am now in charge of operations at all of our offices, whilst being based in Dudley. Since being in this role I have received great feedback from the Jobchange team and I couldn’t be happier with how far I have come.

I am now studying towards gaining a Level 3 in Management.

Wow! What a success story! How do you think your apprenticeship helped your career?

For many reasons! It helped me gain a better understanding of the industry; I was able to work in different job roles which allowed me to understand different departments and operations, also being an adviser helped me build a network and liaise with industry professionals to support our service users.

All of these skills and experiences, whilst learning on the job allowed me to build the foundations of a good manager, as I was able to experience first-hand business operations and put them into action, which I would have only have read about in a normal classroom setting.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I kind of just fell into it really! During my work experience, I was encouraged to do an apprenticeship and after finding out how useful it would be towards my development and progression, whilst getting paid to complete a qualification, it would have been silly not to accept the position. I have never looked back!

What would your advice be to other people considering an apprenticeship?

Crack on and do it! You won’t regret it!