Sometimes it’s good to shake things up!

Are you bored of the run-of-the mill job application process? Are you left feeling uninspired and unmotivated with no call backs?

In the words of Jim Rohn – ‘If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.’

Here at Jobchange we decided to put an end to the usual impersonal process!

From our years of experience and feedback from our customers we noticed that it is often difficult to fully demonstrate your abilities and skills with just a CV and covering letter.

Every month we aim to hold two Recruitment Drives where you can meet employers face-to-face in a relaxed, informal environment.

By giving you the opportunity to talk directly with a recruiter it can give you a head start. It allows the recruiter to assess your eligibility and personality and your suitability for the job apart from just meeting the job criteria.

As we want our events to be a win-win for both the recruiter and yourself our events give you an insight into the organisation as a whole; ethos, training opportunities, progression etc. As well as about the role itself in much more depth than you would on the ‘typical’Job description online. There is always a question and answer section of the events which we encourage all attendees to get involved, so you can find out any extra information you wish. This is a great way to find out if you feel you would suit the roles available and fit in with the culture of the organisation while making a strong first impression!

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