Full Time Netflix Viewer

Netflix and get paid? Sign me up! Netflix have employed someone to watch all of their content to review and assign to the correct genre, before it goes live. Scout the world’s best series to binge watch and reap the benefits, all day, every day.

Dry Paint Watcher

Rather watch paint dry then attend a board meeting? Well now you can! A UK company have hired paint watchers to test how long new mixtures take to dry, and note any changes in colour or texture.

Marmite Taster

A job you’ll either love, or hate! For over 30 years, marmite have hired people to be responsible for checking the texture, consistency and flavour of each batch from production.  Marmite master brewer, St John Skelton has apparently eaten over 3,000 jars of the stuff in the last 30 years.

Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Person

In Florida, there is an underwater hotel (Yes, it’s true! See here: http://www.jul.com/) where guests are able to order pizza! Prepared and delivered in a watertight case, it’s a job that is greatly appreciated by pizza connoisseurs of Florida.

Professional Cuddler

Some days, you just need a cuddle. But why not make it every day? The Snuggle Buddies is a company in the US that offers one hour of snuggling for just over $80 (£50).  On their website it states: ‘As a professional cuddling service, we are masters of platonic touch that offers a personalised experience, which strives for your absolute happiness.’ Are you a master of the platonic touch?

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