Jobchange are Disability Confident, Are You?

In 2013, our previous Prime Minister David Cameron launched a brand new campaign called ‘Disability Confident’, helping support disabled people get into work.

Through ‘Disability Confident’, the government are challenging employers’ attitudes, increasing the understanding of disability, removing barriers and ensuring that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Statistics show that over 7 million people (17.5%) of working age in the UK are disabled or have a health condition. Over the years, there has invariably been a large gap between the employment of non-disabled people compared with disabled. This is why the government have introduced this fantastic new campaign to shorten this gap and allow these individuals to realise their aspirations.

Job Change for the second year in a row, have received a certificate of recognition from the ‘Disability Confident’ scheme. As an employer we are committed to help make the most of the opportunities provided by employing disabled people, this is why we now have our ‘Disability Confident’ Committed Badge.

We are excited to stand by this campaign and wear our badge with pride. Look out for it on our website and social media channels!

Is your employer ‘Disability Confident’? Let us know in the comment section below.