What are the benefits of using social media in a business?

As social media has grown over the years, so has the range of marketing for businesses, when used to its advantages. One of the main advantages available is the range that social media creates to companies, with more people having access to see company products, services and promotional offers. Creating online presence provides businesses with one to one interaction with its customers, enabling them to send messages and talk directly with members of staff and to gather crucial information about clientele.

By having social media in your company you are expanding your customer audiences to benefit sales. You also humanise your brand to help build relationships with customers before they have even looked at the services which are on offer.  Additionally, by posting motivational and inspiring information you can build great presence for your brand.

Customers now begin to prefer the method of contacting companies through social media, which helps them to get a direct response without leaving their house or being on hold for 20-30 minutes. In 2016 over 34.5% of customers said they preferred contact through social media, and the remaining percentage belonging to: website/live chat having 24.7%, 19.4%, email, 1-800 numbers having 16.1% and only 5.3% wanting to visit face to face in an actual store.

Lastly one of the best advantages for using social media to promote your company is that all these services can be free of charge making it best value for money when marketing your brand. There are extra options to invest in online marketing; these additional paid services can increase your reach, by the content appearing on peoples screens, without them searching directly for the desired website. By adding all these factors to your marketing strategy, you will see massive benefits!