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We all use Social Media. We use it to connect with friends and family, to entertain ourselves after a long day and now more and more often to find information and to look for new interesting opportunities. And that is when Jobchange Social Media come in handy!

We created our channels to satisfy the most important needs of every person looking for work, looking for career change or simply in need of inspiration or motivation. Apart from the newest and most exciting vacancies in the Black Country, you can find unusual career tips coming not only from our skilled Advisors but also from the best and most interesting sources on the internet.

By following Jobchange on social media you expose yourself to interesting news from the labour market (for the last two years Jobchange has been the first institution to announce the biggest jobs fair at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton). That is also the place where you will find information about our newest offer including free courses available on our premises.

Interesting vacancies, career tips. special offers, competitions, funny images related to job searching – it’s all a small extract our interesting online channels. What’s the best thing to do? Click at the links below, find out how amazing they are!









You can also find us on Periscope: Look for @jobchange2007