How to get a job with no experience?

How to get a job with no experience?


Have you ever had similar problem? No response to your job applications and if you finally got one, the long awaited e-mail read…. “Unfortunately, on this occasion your application has not been not successful”. We’ve all been there. The major issue young people come across these days is lack of experience. Your CV may look perfectly fine, you can be educated, motivated and enthusiastic, however… if there is no evidence of experience in certain field… your application is automatically rejected. So, what to do? Jobchange prepared 4 suggestions which you can find really useful.

1. Look for alternatives

If you sent hundreds of job application and received no response whatsoever… It’s time to look for some alternatives. The job market becomes more and more competitive and that is why it is extremely crucial to start gaining experience as soon as possible. So what are the alternatives? Apprenticeships, internships, work placements, voluntary work. When it comes to voluntary work, make sure you take a look at This website should provide you with interesting voluntary opportunities. So what about apprenticeships and work placements? Universal Jobmatch will definitely come in handy. What you can also find useful is Jobchange Twitter account. Every day we post the most interesting job offers of the day which often include roles that do not require any experience. To find Jobchange Twitter page, click in this link 

2. Identify your skills and your achievements 

Take out a sheet of paper and write down all your skills and achievements. List everything you can possibly think of: skills gained at part-time jobs, your computer skills, courses you attended, features of your character that may be considered as useful in the new role (for example: public speaking, listening, team work etc.), your organisational skills, all your achievements gained in temporary jobs or jobs where you helped your friends and family.

The next task is to select the most relevant skills and achievements, explain how they can be used in your new role and transfer them on your CV. If you feel that your CV needs to be updated, or if you have any difficulties with altering it, make sure you see Jobchange Advisor to boost it for you.

3.) Boost your online presence

Most of us do have accounts on social media websites. Some of us are into Facebook while others consider Twitter as more useful tool. You need to remember that nowadays almost everyone can access your online profile. Make sure that the content you post is appropriate as it can be seen by your future employer any time, no matter what the social media website you are at.

Social Media presence, however, is not only limited to Facebook and Twitter. You need to remember that there are different websites which can enable you to get many interesting connections. LinkedIn is definitely the most popular one – on this website you can get access to thousands of individuals who work in the industries you target. Here you can persuade them with your professional profile and skills that you can make a positive contribution to their team.

Another website which can help you increase your online presence is This simple website enables you to create  very effective online business card. If you want to take a look at example, here is Jobchange’s profile. 

4. Bonus tip

Never give up. Keep applying and keep boosting your skills. Make sure you motivate yourself, set your career goal and even when the things do not work out, change your plan but never change the goal. Make sure that this goal is a thing that keeps you motivated and keeps you going. Do not look for something external to motivate you. You need to find it within.