CV tips from Jobchange’s Facebook Fanpage!

Over the last few weeks you had a chance to see 10 CV tips posted on our magnificent Facebook Page. For everyone who missed any of these useful suggestions, here comes an opportunity to take a look and see what can you do to improve your CV!

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#1 Talk positively and enthusiastically – use empowering words like “Responsible for”, “Ensured”.

Language is an exceedingly powerful tool. Make use of it!

#2 Show what makes you unique

Mention your interests, tell the employer about your achievements, make yourself stand out of the crowd!

#3 Include a covering letter with your CV

Show that you are motivated and that you care about the job.

#4 Be Creative

Video CV? CV on one of the social media channels? Presentation? The choice is yours – all you need to do is to think outside the box!

#5 Use a suitable e-mail address

Inappropriate e-mail address will make recruiters think that you are unprofessional. So if you created your e-mail account long time ago – set up a new one, it takes only a few minutes!

#6 Use keywords

Take a look at the job description and see what the employer is looking for. More and more companies use databases to find new employees, therefore, the use of keywords can be really effective!

#7 Never include your personal information such as National Insurance Number, Passport Number, Bank Account details or D.O.B in your C.V.

These details should be provided only when you are offered a job.

#8 Concentrate on your achievements, not your job responsibilities

That is one of the ways of showing how unique you are. It’s time to show, make the best of it!

#9 Include personal profile

Make sure that you include a short summary which describes why you are interested in certain role. It will capture the interest of the recruiter and will help you make a great first impression.

#10 Don’t use selfies!

You are a well-organised professional – you need to prove it with your CV. Spell check your CV, make sure it looks nice and … If you decide to attach a photo on your CV, make sure it is a professional photograph.