Start Something 2014 campaign begins!

Start Something Different with Jobchange

Jobchange and UK Online Centres Start Something Different

Now, as January (known as the least optimistic month of the year) has finally come to an end, and we have finally said good bye to 2013, it’s time to start something new and inspiring. Something that will make the rest of 2014 a lot easier and something which will make your lives more satisfactory! And is there a better day to start than Monday?

We are very excited to announce that our creative team at Jobchange in cooperation with UK Online Centres for the next 3 weeks will be encouraging everyone to… START SOMETHING DIFFERENT and change the way you perceive the online world. Our Advisors are ready now more than ever to help you discover the magic of the internet, its richness and its content. Do you know that you are just a few clicks away from:

– locating the nearest late night chemist?

– checking your symptoms before seeing a GP?

– reading an article about 8 energy stealers?

– finding tips about speeding up your metabolism?

– finding information about Care Homes?

- updating your CV?

– browsing thousands of jobs advertised online?

– applying for the most interesting ones?

Our Smashing Leaflet

Jobchange team is here to help you Start Something Different, start it digital and make the rest of 2014 the best of 2014!

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