Job O’clock

The Black Country is once again on the rise in creating job opportunities for the people of the local area. As two brands ‘Casino 36’ and ‘Dominos’ are erecting two new sites, creating just under 100 new jobs between them both, creating great career paths for people. We are also expecting the expansion of Walsall’s town centre, by using up the space of a derelict area near the college; the new expansion is also set to generate around 100 Jobs! This being great news for the people of Walsall.

The ‘Casino 36’ which is going to be constructed on the Dudley retail park ‘CastleGate’, is going to create job roles in the many areas across the hospitality industry, from being card dealers, waiters and cleaners, the company is certainly helping those we are on the job hunt. The casino is set to host a massive 450 capacity bingo hall, and will hold over 14 sessions per week, hopefully increasing the chances of people hitting the full house! With the high reputation that the casino already possesses, it is definitely a company which people should be proud to work for.

‘Dominos’ have now opened in Shrewsbury. Are adding to ever growing list of their franchise, have gone and made 25 job roles. Creating more positive career paths for people, that are pursue a  new career path or just to work part time.

Walsall is also on the rise in adding to city centre, by constructing a ‘McDonalds, a Travelodge accompanied by a restaurant, extra learning centres and a cafe, which will lie alongside the busy Tesco extra. Furthering to the job opportunities that are on offer to Walsall.