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Construction Industry is growing!

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Residents’ Week 2016

With massive enthusiasm we are introducing this year's Resident's Week. It takes place between Monday the 14th and Friday the 18th of March and aims to provide "opportunities for local people to compete for jobs, enhance their skills, become self-employed and improve their health and fitness".  The event we would like to emphasize the most takes place at the [...]

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We are slowly reaching the middle of the National Careers Week and you may have probably noticed increased traffic on our social media channels. For all of you awaiting our daily posts about the #Careersofthefuture, we prepared a little surprise as today we are publishing all the graphics prepared by UKCES concerning the most interesting career [...]

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3 really bad CV Mistakes

  Mistakes happen to everyone, no matter if you are a History Professor, Beauty Technician, Graphic Designer or Bricklayer. We all do mistakes as they are a natural part learning. It was Samuel Smiles who said first “He who never made a mistake, never made a discovery”. There is an interesting truth behind Mr. Smiles’ [...]

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