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Jobchange in Wolverhampton’s Bantock Park

Thanks to our friends from WCR FM, Jobchange had a chance to attend a community event organised by the most community oriented radio in Wolverhampton. There was loads of attractions, snacks, music, entertainment and there were us - informing you about the free services available for everyone. We belong to that community too - we [...]

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Interview tip of the week!

Tom, Career Advisor at Jobchange Tom, Career Advisor at Jobchange, known for his inspirational personality, provides us with this week's Interview tips. And he says: "Always ensure you are well prepared. Failure to Prepare is Preparation for Failure." Want to know how to prepare for an interview? Drop us a line on Facebook [...]

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Get a profile on LinkedIn

Jobchange on LinkedIn   Social media has recently become absolutely ubiquitous - most of us have at least one account no matter if it's Facebook or Twitter. They enable us to stay in touch with friends we don't see that often or provide us with access to well known figures like celebrities we normally [...]

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Jobchange Interview Tip of the week!

Stella and Holly This week's Interview Tip comes from our Career Advisor, Stella! And she says: "You can take notes as well bring along notes to refer to during an interview!" If you want to know what kind of notes to prepare and how to organise them, discover new interview techniques or simply [...]

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Find a job with Jobchange Facebook and Twitter!

Did you know that you can find interesting vacancies on Jobchange social media channels? Just recently we have started a new series on our Facebook page where our fans can find a Job or an Apprenticeship of the week! Want to see some examples?   Job at Wolverhampton Wanderers Get a job [...]

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Jobchange Interview Tip of the week!

Learn about Interview Techniques at Jobchange   This week's interview tip comes from our Career Advisor, Rayon. And he says: "Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before an interview" If you want to know why and what to do for 30 minutes before the actual interview starts - book yourself in [...]

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Working in the 20th Century

Computers, technology all that have had massive impact on the way we work now. But how did it look like back in the days, in the 20th century? All in all, it wasn't that long ago. Jobchange would like to invite you on a journey to the 20th century. The last picture might interest some [...]

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Jobchange interview tip of the week!

Ryan, Jobchange Career Advisor   Interview tip of the week comes from Ryan! And he says: "Don't be afraid to ask questions at the appropriate time" Do you know what kind of questions to ask or when is the best time to ask them? Drop us a line on Facebook and book yourself in [...]

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Are you a Lone Parent? Get help from Jobchange

Are you a Single Parent? Do you live in Wolverhampton area? We wanted to let you know that if you are experiencing any problems - we are here to help! Now at Jobchange you can get advice on sustaining employment, learn how to find childcare, find out about all the benefits you are entitled to, or [...]

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