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Minimum wage rates increase

The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour which almost all workers are entitled to. It was introduced in 1999 by Labour government and has been increasing every year since then. This year, in October, changes to the National Minimum Wage are going to take place again as the Minimum Wage for adults will [...]

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Surprising footballers’ careers after football

Many of former professional players decide to stick to the path they have been following for the most of their lives and undertake roles related to football. And what about those who decide to turn their careers around 180 degrees and start something completely new? As the World Cup in Brasil is just about to [...]

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Surprising celebrities’ jobs before they were famous. Part 2.

In the first part of our exciting article you could find out about interesting career paths of some of the celebrities (Link: Today we would like to present you another 5 surprising celebrities' jobs before they became well-known! Enjoy   1.) Pink - Customer Care Assistant at McDonald's    2.) Johnny Depp - Pen [...]

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