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Jobchange on Facebook and Twitter. Will there be more? To change your career or start a free course sometimes you do not need to leave your home. Social media have recently became one of the most popular means of communications and that is why we could not leave it untouched and decided to recreate and redesign our existing online channels. Currently [...]

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Mahal FC wins Asian team of the year award!

Mahal FC Birmingham won a prestigious Asian team of the year award. Wembley stadium served as a venue were all the 16 awards were announced. Presenters included famous names from British football such as: Roy Parlour or Gary Lineker and it was hosted by well known Dharmesh Sheth (Sky Sports News presenter) and Noreen Khan (Presenter on [...]

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Finish CSCS course in…. 3 days?

Many of our clients are concerned about the duration of the CSCS course. Well, for all of you who are worried about the course taking too much time, we have got great news: CSCS course at Jobchange consists of only 3 sessions which usually are being taken over one week and they last only 3 [...]

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Wolves fan misses first home game in 37 years!

Peter Abbott, a die-hard Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, has not missed any home game of his beloved team in the last 37 years. What is even more impressive is the fact that Wolves super fan lives in... Ispwich, which is approximately 160 miles away from Molineux ground and so, each journey takes about 6 hours round! [...]

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What can Jobchange do for you?

Free courses, Free advice on CV, Free advice before an interview, newest information from labour market - all in one place. Like our facebook page to be up to date with all these details. Alternatively, visit our office at 10 Red Lion Street in Wolverhampton. We can't wait to help you!

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